2nd Year 

BCom Economics 

I am so excited for this new year! I am most looking forward too seeing how our community grows and evolves! I am super passionate about personal wellness! I love learning how I can be better and help others to do the same.

Primaria | House | Leadership Development | Culture and Diversity

Meet your House Committee!
Cara Du Toit 
Dayle Adams

2nd Year

BA Sports Sciences

I am excited to get to know all of you and grow as a team. I am excited to grow as a leader and learn new skills in this new normal. Something interesting about myself is that I have had two knee operations in 8 months! 

Vice Primaria | Huisdans | Safety | Welcoming | First Years 

Head Mentor: 
Amber Anderson

2nd Year 

BA Humanities 

I am most excited for Welcoming and all the new adventures that await this term. Something interesting about myself is that I have withdrawal symptoms if I don't eat chicken enough. I'll eat it all day and night!

Secretary | Social Community Interaction | Culture

Kirsten Horack 

2nd Year 

BA Humanities

I cannot wait for this experience to begin! I am most excited to have the opportunity to meet so many people and help others grow, while growing myself. Something interesting about myself is that I have been to 7 schools. 

Social Media | Sport | Sustainability

Chelsea Rhoda

2nd Year

Social Work 

I am most excited about starting this new adventure and growing alongside my team. I am obsessed with the band, Queen. 

Welcoming | First Years | Merchandise | Womxn Empowerment | Critical Engagement

Palesa Nhlapo 
Maxine Marthinus
Jess van Der Walt

2nd Year

BCom Financial Accounting

I'm most excited about the experience of being HK and helping Silene be better than it already is. Something interesting about myself is I have a birth mark on my face!

Alumni | Social Community Interaction  | Social Impact

3rd Year

Industrial Engineering 

I am looking forward to making amazing memories in the year to come and watching the girls around me grow and flourish! My favourite season is Spring!

Finance | Seniors Committee | Cluster

2nd Year 

BSc Human Life Sciences with Psychology 

I am most excited to be working with an enthusiastic group of people, Something interesting about myself is that I lover butterflies but moths freak me out. 

Head Mentor | Academics | Non-Positional Leadership | Connect